Howard Gardner, an American psychologist challenged the view of the existence of a single intelligence and gave the Theory of Multiple Intelligence which suggests that ‘humans have several other significant intellectual capacities,’ ranging from logical-mathematical, spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Naturalist, Existential to Spiritual Intelligence. Every individual has a ‘Unique Individual Potential’ which can be unlocked by applying the Theory of Multiple Intelligence.

Our education system has undermined the holistic development of children and focussed on rote-learning, captured the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) of people, assessing the linguistic, logical-mathematical and sometimes spatial intelligence of individuals, overlooking the other discrete intellectual capacities of individuals.

Empirical evidence shows that Music and Sports lead to physiological changes and have therapeutic effects which relax the mind, enhance our motor skills, make us more disciplined, helps us in crisis management, along with many other benefits.

We are here attempting to understand the role of music and sports in education and how exposure to music and sports at an early age leads to cognitive development of children, unlocking the potential of each individual, leading to their academic success and growth in career.