Social Impact of a Social Initiative

Social initiative reflects thoughts and perspectives of an individual or group of people. The vision and mission of such initiative principally builds on, the eternal principles, such as ‘welfare’ and ‘wellbeing’ of humanity and the world. The executive stakeholders and fund givers of the initiative get inspire themselves to join the social mission vide the principles, value systems and the outcomes of the proposed project. While the working stakeholders including volunteers and employees engage themselves in discharging their responsibilities at most care and commitment. Several organizations allocate portion of capital to drive in their mission objectives through corporate social responsibility.

Why Social Impact?

Sustenance of a social initiative counts on three prime aspects (1) the value systems that manifests vision and mission of the initiative (2) Grants and infrastructure (3) the executive leadership and operational team. In fact, all the required human capital, expertise, funds, infrastructure, and resources are being sourced from the society, hence, it’s very essential to assess their utilization of resources and impact of the social initiative.

The impact of an initiative be assessed based on governing framework that maps the principles, value systems on which it was built spreading across the scope of its operations, aboriginal sociocultural systems, and environment. Along with the financial audit, a periodical and wholistic impact assessment of contributions delivered for “societal welfare and wellbeing” would provide insights to analyze the landscape of social work and its social value portfolio. The analysis outcomes are certainly significant in strategic thinking for social interventions as well as making a shift in long-term and short-term executive decisions for achieving the social objectives. Further these results embraces stakeholders’ leadership, teamwork, motivation, dedication levels in giving back to the society. An inquiry on feedback from all the operational levels from beneficiaries manifests the missions inclusive and integral practices in rendering the services.