PhD is the recognition of an individual’s contribution to their field of research, bringing of new ideas to the table and addition of new knowledge to their domain. The role of a PhD in academia and research cannot be overstated. Research drives innovation and contributes to a nation’s intellectual and economic growth.

Although India has in the recent years witnessed a sharp increase in enrollment in PhD, it has historically failed on enticing its young graduates to pursue research, for several reasons. The entire Indian ecosystem surrounding PhD is riddled with problems and has hampered the nation’s ability to rise as a hub for innovation.

Why PhD seeks to undertake a comprehensive study of the research landscape in India for PhD graduates and hopefuls. What are the many challenges that lie in their wake and what could be done to remedy it. How must the system evolve in the age of technology to accommodate the concerns of the many and eliminate the many redundant processes and procedures that delay our country’s progress.