Ms. Hemangi Sinha
Mr. Rahul Kumar
Pravin Kumar Singh

I’m a law graduate from Faculty of Law, DU and I also hold a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics from Ramjas College, DU.

Law as a discipline has been a liberating experience to learn, unlearn and brood over several aspects what a linear way of interpretation lacks. One has to have comprehensive command over different disciplines to study law properly. Be it history, political science, philosophy or literature et al.

With peer group, I have been discussing legislations, statutes and government policies which constitute current discourse and apart from academics, there are platforms like symposiums, conferences and seminars where I tend to interact with subject experts and develope a deep understanding of particular law and further it encourages me to do deep research and consume more to dive into multitudes of perspectives and to have a prudent stance.

Also, studying law journals, different reports and articles has evolved into a good habit and this provides me a good bandwidth to explore into law as an academic and then employ the prudence into policy making.

Kunal Singh
Mr. Shravan Kumar
Mr. Nitish Kumar