India is a land of plethora of rich cultures but the exoticness of distinct cultures from across the world is yet to be surfed on the waves of our curiosity. The World In Conversation- The High Tea program is a series of events and part of the project “What the World teaches us”. It’s an effort to exchange the uniqueness and heterogeneity of our culture, heritage, and practices, and bring countries’ eccentric side to the table.

The unique forum is a first of its kind for Culture Exchange and to promote the richness of every nation for better understanding. The High Tea has been built around three thematic areas: Reflection of the country on its Heritage & Values, its Contribution and Message to the world, and a Conversation about the places to visit in that particular country. We believe, this forum will enable disseminating of the rich heritage, and values across the globe. Through this distinctive effort, we sincerely hope that these conversations will lead to a deeper knowledge and offer insight for the global audience on understanding the countries. We will publish a coffee table book on these conversations for global outreach.